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Posted 7 days ago
Our Xmas Party is Sat DEC 20th at 4pm. Bring covered dish and there will be a cake walk and games so if you want to bring a cake!!!!! Everyone Welcome!! Also we are signing xmas cards for a Little girl that is 6 years old that is sick so I will be sending those out after the party!!!

Posted 7 days ago
All teams need to turn in score sheets!

Updated 7 weeks ago
Attention Thursday Night Captains you can only have 10 players on Roster and when you add a player sanction needs to be paid!! NO CHECKS!!

BCA Women’s Results
Updated 10 weeks ago
The Player of the Week results will be updated when all games are played.

New Thursday Night BCA Policies
Updated 210 weeks ago
MAKEUP GAMES: Makeup games are to made up within 2 weeks (by the weekend of the 2nd week) from the original scheduled date. HOME Score Sheets are official sheet! ROSTERS: If a team drops out than any team may pick up a player from that team. If a player quits or is dropped from a team then that player cannot be picked up by another team unless the majority of the other captains agree to allow the player to be picked up. If there is a tie vote then the president of the league will cast the deciding vote. No players can be added to the roster during the last 4 weeks of league play. A team can pick up a new player the same night of play **only** if they do not have a full 10 player roster! If they already have 10 players on the roster then any roster changes have to take place a week in advance! Day of Play the cut off time is 1PM. Can't reschedule any later unless emergency! Any later will result in a forfeit! USING TWO TABLES: If available after third round two table may be used if a customer isn't using the table. Then after the 3rd round they must use 2 tables for the remaining 4th and 5th round. PRACTICING DURING LEAGUE PLAY: If there is a table available that is not being used for league play, then that table is available for anyone from either team to practice on. But, it cannot be held by only one team or 2 players. Anyone is allowed to play on it!

BCA League Contacts
Updated 256 weeks ago
Thursday BCA - Vern Burdette - President (304-550-9600) Jimmy Dingee - Operator (304-346-9880) Monday BCA - Carol Kiser - President (304-389-4832)

Monday Standings
Updated 6 days ago.

Thursday Standings
Updated 6 days ago.

2014/2015 Schedules


21 Pool Room
Where good friends, good food, cold beverages and the best tables in the valley come together.

The Billiards Congress of America is our national sanctioning organization.

The Kanawha Valley Pool Players Association is Charleston's Wednesday night pool league.

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