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League Wide Announcements

BCA Captains

All envelopes are due in and all the makeup games need to be made up ASAP!! We are open on Sundays and Tuesday and all the tables are available. If you can't play at your place come here and make up these games!! Everyone has 2 weeks to get them up to date!! That will...

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Looking For A Pool Stick?

Jimmy is a pool stick dealer, He can get pool sticks, cases and accessories less than anywhere else. If you are interested you need to stop by 21 Pool Room and get your sticks here.

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NEW Thursday Night BCA Policies

MAKE UP GAMES: Makeup games are to be made up within 2 weeks (by the weekend of the 2nd week) from the original schedule date. HOME Score Sheets are official sheets! ROSTERS: If a team drops out than any team may pick up a player from that team. If a player quits or...

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Monday (.pdf file)
Thursday (.pdf file)


9 Ball Score Sheet (.pdf file)

The Billiards Congress of America is our national sanctioning organization.

The Kanawha Valley Pool Players Association is Charleston’s Wednesday night pool league.